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”Painting is a way of understanding feeling and thinking through an experience, and the aim is to try to communicate that to others that will resonate to that painting.”

Ingela Johansson

Ingela Johansson is a contemporary mixed-media artist from Sweden.

Art agent for Asia - Betty Ashman.

Ingela has been exhibiting in Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia,

Australia, Norway, Italy, and England.

Konst från Ingela Johansson finns på.




Article about Ingela and the latest collection. It'sLiquid

Ingelas work is a part of the Imago Mundi Benetton Collection.

Exhibition 2023 04 19 på Naturum see below.


Naturum, Karlstad


19/4 kl. 16 - 18

(utställning öppen från 11)


Föreläsning om

Känslor och färg

19/4 kl. 18 - 19.30


Workshop i Måleri

22/4 kl. 13 - 15

Känsla & Färg A4.jpg

Latest Projects-

Chartreuse acrylic painting

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