Eat, paint and enjoy in Bali

I have arranged art trips to Bali with my students. New trips will be planned for Jan-February 2017.

During the trip we will work in the studio alongside local artist Ni Nyoman Sani, and several other contemporary artists.

We will visit a sculptur in Ubud, and look at traditional painting.

In the evenings we will watch the sunset from the seafood restaurants on the beach,

or listen to local music.

Nowhere is like Bali. Almost everyone you meet on the island's vibrant streets work with craft, art or music.

Apart from that you have gret weather and beautiful nature to be inspired by.

The difference with our art trip is that you will learn from local artists that speak good

English and you will get a completely new creative experience.

Kindly send me an email if you would like to request a leaflet.

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