April 18, 2018

Senses is a multicultural experience combining art, music, taste and scent. The first Senses took place in Naturum, Karlstad, Sweden on the 19th of Apri 2018. Senses is a concept by Ingela Johansson in co-operation with the sound artist Krisna Patra from Bali.

Tales of Norway

Tales of Norway is an art series from Norway in mixed media, with photo and acrylic. The series is started in 2016. exhibited at Galleri S9 in Oslo.

Swedish horsepower

September 20, 2016

This is a collaboration between photographer Anne Nyblaeus and artist Ingela Johansson for the Swedish Southeast Asian Summit 2016 in Singapore. Exhibited at Park Royal, Pickerton, Singapore. The exhibition was comissioned by the Swedish ambassador in Singapore, to celebrate the 50 years of collaboration between Sweden and Singapore.

The story is the Swdish "dalahäst" that is travelling through Singapore.

Eacch piece was mounted on acryclic sheets with an crylic stand so that you have 2 art pieces in one. They can also be ordered as unmounted artwork. Each picee is made in a limited edition of 7 pieces. For more information kindly send an email to

Photographer: Anne Nyblaeus    Artist: Ingela Johansson

Fragment Collection

August 06, 2016

Artworks with different textures that you'll want to touch.

Thousands of fragments pieced together in many layers in s representation of change and past.

Mixed media artworks made with sand, metall, marble, coffee, acrylic, ink, resin and papers.

The Quinsai Collection

August 05, 2016

This collection is inspired by the Quinsai collection by Villeroy & Bosch and by Marco Polo's

'favorite city in China', Quinsai.

The works are mixed media with marble, sand, acrylic, ink, resin, charcoal, joss paper and handmade

paper. Each painting has between 15-20 layers. This technique was used to show the insipiraton from

the past, the silkroad and it's rich heritage.

Tales of Singapore

August 05, 2016

It all started when I saw a Buddhist monk outside Prada and started to wonder why he was

walking around luxury stores.

"In Singapore you can shop for anything at Mustafa 24 hours a day, feel as if you would be

in Paris at certain cafées and experience a part of China only a few blocks away. Singapore

changes every single minute, many of the pieces created 2014 are already gone, this is also a

reason to why it's such an interesting subject matter. The contrast between the old and the

rapid globalization is seen in most of the collection. "

This collection was created between 2013 - 2016. It shows a story in art from Singapore, by

Swedish artist Ingela Johansson. All pieces are created in mixed media using photo, acrylics

and ink.

The collection is availbale as fine art limited edition prints with only 28 pcs globally.

Tales of Australia

August 05, 2016

Australian Tales is a collection made after my Australian Art roadtrip in Queensland.

The collection is in mixed media with photo, actylic, ink and pastell.

This series has been made in 2016 by Ingela Johansson.

"One morning I woke up at 4 am and we drove in a jeep far out to see wild Koalas,

listening to Slim Dusty. The same evening we had an art reception with a three course

dinner in a wonderful town called Gombungee. It was a remarkable day, and a wonderful

place. I hope to come back as soon as I can. This trip all came true because of all the

efforts from my dear friend Julia Namour, with Connector Jewels."

Tales of Sweden

August 05, 2016

This collection is from my home country. Currently it holds artwork from Värmland and

I am working on adding on Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Mixed media with photo and acrylic.

"This is a collection close to my heart as it depicts home. I started to work on this series in conjunction

with an exhibition showing both of Singapore and Sweden side by side. It made me look upon

both in a new way. The light in Sweden inspires me, and I am hoping to continue the series."


November 01, 2015

Paintings of faces.

Black and White Collection

May 11, 2015

Black and white the strongest contrast and when your remove the colours, you

can see a new language. Works with charcoal, acrylic and crayon.

Soul Sisters

November 13, 2014

Soul Sisters is a collection that I've worked on since 2014, for an exhibition with

Balinese artist Ni Nyoman Sani.

To me, a woman's back and how she carries herself often says more about how she

feels than her face.

Mood Monks

August 06, 2016

Mood Monks is just what the name tells you; a play with monks, colour and emotion. My energy

monk always hangs close to my workspace.


October 13, 2015

The five elements water, fire, metall, earth and wood.

Sketches and Drawings

January 01, 2020

Every painting starts with a series of sketches. The sketch is the foundation

to all the elements in the painting. A sketch can also be an art piece

on it's own.

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