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Your personal piece

Nothing is more personal than an art piece made just for you. An original painting can also be the perfect gift for someone you love.

You can order your own painting of your favorite spot, your family, your home, or a memory that you would like to capture on a canvas. The artwork is most often painted on a photo canvas in acrylic and ink but is also available in other mediums.

The process: 

Step 1 - consider the size, motive, and style you would prefer for your piece and convey them to me by contacting me via email with the specifications, or to schedule a meeting. 

Step 2 - following the meeting or consultation regarding the specifications, I will provide a proposal with a quote. 

Step 3 - your original piece will be created and the final product sent to you once you've seen it.

The specifics of the process and timeline can vary, depending on scale, medium and motive, but will always result in a truly personal, emotive, and cherished piece. 


For those who prefer a more hands-off experience, I am happy to sketch and come up with ideas to create the memory or gift for you.

Under the tab 'Art at Home' you can view a range of examples to get your ideas started.


To book a consultation, hear more about the process, or order your own original art piece, email me at: swedishartanddesign@gmail.com