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Colors & Emotions, NFT

The more I paint emotions, the more I realize that it is a universe left to discover, yet we feel every second, minute, and hour. When we do our best not to feel, we still do. Feelings are behind every single decision we make and the relationships we build or break.

Color & Emotion is a celebration and exploration of feelings.

Painted from meditation while listening to music.

Some are raw with just a few brushstrokes; some are built up layer after layer.

I have always been fascinated by how colors bring out feelings, and how we translate them is often related to how we look at color in the landscape and culture around us.

The paintings for the NFT collection have been reworked digitally so that you can experience how the emotions shift when the colors do.


Depending on our experiences, some feelings will be impossible to put into words, but art can help us connect to those emotions instantly.


The NFT collection is featured on OpenSea and will be launched when the exhibition starts on 25/11.

Link to the NFT collection


I hope that we can share a conversation about feelings and how they can be expressed in art.


You decide the emotion that lingers in the colors and expression. 

Exhibition: 25/11 - 30/11

Art opening: 25/11, 18 pm - 21 pm

Adress: Galleri 67, Västerlånggatan 67

More paintings will be published in this collection after the art opening and NFT drop on the 25th of November.

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