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Her expressive brushstrokes are aimed at capturing a moment in time and asking the viewer: “What's the story?”

Ingela photo DiLegno.jpg

A storyteller in art,

For Ingela Johansson, the universality of emotions is what inspires art. By creating in combination with meditation, her brush is allowed to flow freely, often creating pieces that may evoke a certain feeling to her. Often brought to life by the bond they have with those who choose to hang them on their walls. Her client testimonies truly highlight the power of these paintings to settle the mind during a morning coffee or to remove worry before bed.

From the idyllic Swedish countryside to the historical pulse of London, and onwards to the fast-paced metropolis that is Singapore, Ingela has lived and exhibited around the globe. Much like her versatile experiences, her art often captures the varying emotions and inspirations instilled in these different places, offering a global variety to her customers.


Enjoyed by art collectors and Expats in eight different countries, her pieces have a cultural resonance through both their motif and materials. The incorporation of ink, coffee, handcrafted papers, and even marble, adds connection, texture, and luxury.

Ingela has been exhibiting at the Nordic Museum in Sweden, was voted one of 100 emerging artists in Dubai 2016, and received a scholarship for her exhibition Senses 2018.
Her work is collected by official and private collectors such as the New Zealand High Commission and the Swedish Embassy in Singapore.

Ingela teaches art meditation and how to work with Flow at Zenart. 


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