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A sensory art experience

Senses was an art experience where the audience sat down with a taste platter filled with scents, textures and tastes curated with the music and paintings on the stage.

Each painting in the Senses collection measures 180x100 cm and has been co-created with the music from Balinese singer-songwriter Krishna Patra. Sound and color files where sent back and forward in the creative stage.

“Senses was like a creative spa, and brought me right back to happy childhood memories." audience, Naturum

Throughout the painting process I listened to Krisnas music and sent hime color sketches of how I saw the melody in color.

Curating scent and taste

When the paintings and songs had been created they where paired with tastes filled with scents. We sourced for local organic produce with the assistance of the chef at Naturum and composed the color and scents to work with the theme in each painting.

Paintings have been created with coffee, marble, ink, acrylic, handmade papers and found objects.

The audience had the tasting platter in their lap. Afterwards there where a lot of positive comments especially from the audience that usually don't go to art exhibitions.

It became interactive and a surprise for all your senses.

The location itself of Naturum which is perfectly nestled in the forest by the water naturally increased the whole experience.

I am always interested in doing sensory collaborations, so feel free to contact me with any ideas for new interdisciplinary art projects.


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