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Restoring in nature

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The green collection is all about how the forest and the color green can restore us, but it is also about outdoor adventure for new energy. When you bring a green painting home you bring that energy to your space.

I think that we relate to color a lot depending on the colors in the nature where we are born, and where we are. My color palette has changed a lot depending on where I have been living. When I first moved to Singapore it was the vivid greens from the rainforest, now they shift back in to seasons as I am in Sweden.

“The green collection started when I was inside an apartment for 3,5 months in 2020. Yes you can guess it my creative mind started to wonder off to open fields of spring flowers.

The photos below are from misty winter days and in between I added the spring piece to create some contrast.

Adventure weekends,

The inspiration for the green collection came from adventure weekends in 2020 and 2021. Which meant trying out a new nature trail or forest every weekend, in a team of four and two dogs. Tilda, the gallery dog thought that this was surely the best ideas that I had ever had.

We usually had lunch in the forest all year around, in the winter a lot of soup,

In many ways this was a simple thing to do. It took from 2 - 4 hours in the weekend depending on the mission. We experienced all kinds of weather and took a large amount of photos. We also did some nature walks in the city. I will just say try on your own. Make sure to bring something to eat and drink.

You can definetly go alone, but for more adventorous routes or for some much needed socializing an adventure group was just perfect.

I will add more pieces to this collection, inspired by more outdoor adventures. The paintings in this collection are mostly mixed media, with birch, handmade papers, coffee, acrylic, ink and charcoal on canvas.

This is a blog post from Ingela Johansson a contemporary artist in Sweden. If you see a painting you like kindly contact me for more information. You can also view the curated green collection on this link.


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