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Harvest Moon art experience

An international artful experience that aired online from Singapore, Malaysia and Sweden with a program filled with art, music, dance, TED Talks weaved together by the curator Winston Liew and an international project team.

The Harvest Moon project was an ambitious project that we created virtually with a talented team of entrepreneurs from three countries in different time zones coming together to create a unique experience.

“Harvest Moon is a borderless creative collaboration about the harvest of all beautiful things in life. our will to relish even in darkness with the little light we have. and the ever enchanting force of nature that guides us in our discovery. " Winston Liew

The experience featured artworks curated in to sunset, night, moon and sunrise. In between the collections you can listen to collectors, watch live painting, listen to music and dance.

Create a new way of experiencing a collection from home

You can watch the full artful experience from the link below, all held together by our host Jonathan Case.

Below you see the piece Hold on that speaks about what many of us has missed the most during the pandemic, the hug.

You can view the collection on this link.

The paintings in the Harvest Moon collection can be bought at


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