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Mixed media art filled with memories

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The fragment pieces are multilayered mixed media paintings that revelas new motifs depending on the light, angle and time you spend with them. The commissioned pieces holds a personal story from the collector. Like the couple that has a part of the gift wrapping from the first gift he gave to her when they meet, and a ticket to the concert they went to. These memories become part of the painting, and they are not the first thing that you see, but rather it is weaved into the paintings story of color, texture and composition.

I am fascinated by how we can build layers, textures and weave in memories into paintings.

“Paintings that comes with hidden symbols and shifts color depending on how the light hits.”

In the fragment mixed media paintings you can find marble, handmade collage pieces, coffee, ink, acrylic, textiles and memories. I love how we can also weave in a part of a place that means a lot to us like a part of an old wallpaper, a found object or sand from the beach we visited. This might not even be visible at first sight but as you will know, and often the smaller stories in the painting becomes visible to you after a while.

An intuitive process with over 25 layers. To build up a texture this way takes many layers until the different elements merge into a piece of art. Often I work with two or three at the same time as they need to dry in between. It is a balancing act to add and take away color and texture until their is a finished painting. Often you go back and forward a few times. Many of them has a layer of coffee as a base, or as a glazing in the last layer.

The fragment paintings holds many small motifs, words and other meanings that sometimes are almost hidden by a layer of color.

Below you see the piece Balance that hangs in a co-working space.

These paintings can be commissioned in your color palette, holding memories that has your or your companies story like tickets, packaging or letters.

They can be delivered with a matt or glossy finish.

Family painting that was a commission for a family in Malaysia with their interest, memories and favorite colors.

This photo is from an open studio in Malaysia.


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