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Prada and the Monk

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

I have been painting monks of the last decade. It all started with Prada and the Monk, and one question.

Why do I find monks outside of Prada was the question that started a whole collection of monks, and a number of discussions all associated with globalization and the contrasts between heritage and rapid modern change,

“When I was living in Singapore I start to wonder why I saw monks in the city center and at all the luxury brand stores like Prada.”

A friend of mine that is a professor and meditation teacher answered this question that the monks are present outside Prada to remind us of other values. I heard many other answers to my question but this

is the answer that I have kept painting about. The monks also tell the story of tradition in a modern global society, and it's contrasts.

The monk story

I had a talk about the monks at an exhibition at The Art Club in Singapore, and I had art professors and collectors taking part in the discussion.

The monk has been a part of exhibitions in Singapore, Sweden and Norway and had lead to many interesting conversations. I hope we will have more discussion, and I would love to hear from you.

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