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Mood Monks

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The first monk painting was created from the question about why I was seeing monks outside of stores like Prada. It spiraled in to a whole monk collection, and the question grew. In this collection I was creating storylines about how a color affects us, in contrast with how spirituality shifts our mood.

For me colors represent a certain feeling or longing. The monk set against the blue background above is titled freedom monk. Blue is the color of sky and water, which to me represents our need and longing for freedom.

“When I was living in Singapore I used to wonder why I saw monks outside Prada or shopping in Tangs.”

Below you see the passion monk, in this painting my idea was to portray the passion we have for working with our purpose and values.

A triptych of mood monks

Below you see the passion monk, the harmony monk and the creative monk side by side.

Below you see a photo from a collectors home, from the mood monk collection. The mood monk collection has a sense of pop-art in a contemporary style.

Kindly contact me to see which monks are available for sale.

The monk art also became the cover for the Singapore edition of the Imago Mundi collection. Which is a global art collection started by Benetton, with contemporary artists.

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