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Art meditation

In 2016 I started to paint after meditation, and most days it is a way for me to connect to myself and get centered. But some days this pieces turn into art pieces and a few of these have been curated into the art meditation collection.

These paintings are made on handmade paper with a limited palette of fluid inks, and painted with a large Chinese brush. They are all about capturing an emotion and one moment in time.

“Each of these painting are created from intuition, straight from meditation.”

I pay attention to the energy that I am in before I start to paint, in my work that has made a big difference and maybe you can relate.

On my other site Zenart you can find online classes in how to learn art meditation.

Finding the flow in the brush

These paintings each represent a moment in time., and can never be duplicated or recreated. Each one holds an emotion and a story. What the story is I leave to the viewer.

#painted-stories #art-story #what's-in-the-story

I am very interested to know what you think that the painted story is. On my social media I have been gathering storylines from posting an art piece with the question: "what is the story?"

This has truly shown me that no matter what I believe that I painted it has so many more dimensions or experiences depending on who sees it.

The question "What's the story?" has sometimes been answered with poetry and insight that has inspired my next painting.

This piece had a lot of comments of social media, but I would love to know what your interpretation is?

Each piece will have a pressed signature stamp and of course an original signature.


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