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Reflective Emotions Art Collection

In a time when everything changes the art that has inspired me has been pieces that evoke a sense of hope and the feeling of sitting by a fireplace with a big cup of tea after a long hike in nature.

Reflective Emotions is an ongoing collection which mean that I will keep on adding to it. It reflects the colors of nature, but it also tells the story about how reflection and taking the time to just be can help us transform in a society that is changing faster than ever.

“The paintings have a serene color palette that is often linked to nature. I believe that the colors that we bring in to our homes can have an impact to how we feel.”

Hunting sunrises and sunsets is one of my favorite things to do, I have my favorite spots to watch a day unfold. This has inspired some of the paintings in the series.

A sense of emotion

In the reflective emotions series I have looked for paintings that evoke a feeling.

Personal stories with a shared emotional truth.

When a painting find it's home, the story shared in the painting resonates with the collector. Buying a painting is in many ways as falling in love. When you see it you feel it, for some collectors this is instant and for others it takes years until they see their painting.

You can view the full collection here. They are all for sale but a few might have already found a home.

The paintings in this collection are created with fluid ink, acrylic and charcoal by Ingela Johansson.


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