Temple Street was inspired by a walk in Chinatown, Singapore and an amazing blue wall

Mixed media artwork with photo and acrylic by Ingela Johansson. Created 2013

Fine art limited edition print only 38 pcs globally. 

The canvas is numered and signed by the artist. Size 80 x 56 cm

Delivered in a role.

The original is with a collector in New Zeland-

For other sizes kindly ask for a quote at Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com

Temple Street

  • This art piece is part of the Tales of Singapore collection. This collection was painted in Singapore from 2013 - 2016.

    "I was intrigied and inspired by the contrasts and rapid change in the every day scenes from Singapore, by globalization as a backdrop. One of the questions that keeps interesting me is why the monks are staying at Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel or walking outside Prada. I am collecting answers to this questions. One of the answers is that they are present to remind you of what is important, but their is also many more that is why the monk keeps coming back in my art."

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