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Reflective Emotions

If you like art with a story and a sense of emotion this could be the art for you. In this collection pieces are curated, all depending on if they hold this special quality of evoking both a story and an emotion. The expressive brushstrokes and stripped-back subjects are aimed at capturing a moment in time and asking the viewer: “What's the story?” Inspired by the simplicity of these everyday moments and how they link to a deeper understanding of what’s going on behind a person’s outer veneer. In this article, you find more info about the making of the collection.

Click on the middle of the first painting to see them one by one.

Reflective Emotions

2020 and ongoing

Curated by Ingela Johansson

Mixed media 

Acrylic, ink, and charcoal

Kindly contact us for prices and size info.

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