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Art at home

How to find art for your home.

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I had collectors that found their first art piece in an instant moment, a lot like love at first sight. But, I also have collectors that have followed me for years until they find the piece that spoke to them. The third group are the collectors that want curated suggestions for their space, allowing us to discuss what emotions and colors they are looking for. Many of my collectors also have more than one piece.

For me, it is very important that you find a piece that speaks to you. 

I work with an international client base, and the pricing of the art is the same globally. The cost of transportation and framing can vary.

Each original painting comes with a certificate of authenticity. 



Five tips for finding the right art piece for your space

1. Look at curated collections to find a style that you like.

2. Bring in a sense of calm or a piece to spark dinner conversations, depending on your lifestyle and preference.

3. Bring in the art that enhances the color palette in your home. Make your art the focal point of a room.

4. If you would like to start an art collection, buy an original. When starting out it can be a better investment to buy a smaller original piece than a limited edition art print.

5. Finding the right space for the piece to hang, and arranging light sources adds to the experience of the art piece.

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