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Soul Sisters

The story of a friendship that turned into and art collection, art trips and a story that just waits for its next chapter to be painted.

In Bali I meet Ni Nyoman Sani that was the first female artist to graduate from University with an arts degree. We became friends and both worked with painting women, the collaboration started the series with Soul Sisters.

“All paintings in the Soul Sisters collection are about the inner and outer conditions of being a woman. In the layers of the paintings you find both obvious and hidden meaning, often woven in to the fabrics of the clothes just as women have done throughout history.”

The first exhibition of the Soul Sisters collection was in Singapore, but we hope to continue this work and our storyline about women's conditions has just begun.

Storylines explored

A few of the stories that we have explored is the friendship between women, the courage needed to stand alone or be the first to dare something unknown. It is also about tradition and daring to pose questions.

The collectors to these paintings are often female leaders or entrepreneurs.

We hope that our work with the Soul Sisters Collection will inspire other female artists to carry the stories and discussions further, so that the female perspective is being heard. With an artist from Bali and one from Sweden we share very different values of family, tradition and culture which has been enriching and interesting as we have been working together.

More about the art of Ni Nyoman Sani


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