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The accidental portrait and stories from art clients

There are times when reaily feels like magic, and this summer I recieved an email from a client that bought the familys art online that felt like magic. You can read it in English and Swedish. I couldn't explain it better if I tried.

An expressive portrait of a woman standing on a cliff by lake Vänern painted by artist Ingela Johansson.
Chartreuse painting by artist Ingela Johansson

Hej Ingela

Nu har vi haft denna tavla hemma hos oss några månader. Vi är väldigt nöjda.

Men vi har insett varför vi ville ha den.

Det är ett porträtt av vår äldsta dotter när hon var ca 23 (hon är 34 nu). (hon själv säger hem i natten i ---

Kläder , hår , färger - alla stannar till och säger - Det är --- !

Tavlan i sig själv är väldigt vacker med fina färger som passar så bra hemma hos oss. Ett fint porträtt av en kvinna.

Men vad har hon i handen.? Jag säger ölburk andra säger handväska.

Det blir som Mona Lisas leende , vi vill inte veta.

Vi måste få fortsätta att undra.



Hi Ingela

Now we have had this painting at our house for a few months. We are very satisfied.

But we have realized why we wanted it.

It's a portrait of our oldest daughter when she was about 23 (she's 34 now). (she herself says home in the night in ---

Clothes, hair, colors - everyone stops and says - It's ---!

The painting itself is very beautiful, with nice colors that fit so well in our home. A nice portrait of a woman.

But what does she have in her hand.? I say beercan, others say purse.

It will be like Mona Lisa's smile; we don't want to know.

We must continue to wonder.



"I was looking for emotions while painting and found

something more. It was pure synchronicity.

It's the only way I can explain it. But maybe it should not be explained at all." Ingela

I am so happy that this painting, and the painting below found the right home. The story about the

painting below is equally magical. You can read the full story in the new edition of the art journal.

If you would like you FREE copy of the digital art magazine that comes out six times a year you

can sign up here.

Artist in blue dress with an expressive portrait in red in the forest.
Artist Ingela Johansson with her painting Courage

This kind of synchronicity can not be planned, and it doesn't happen all the time. The only thing that I can

say is that both these artworks, where painted after meditation and I do remember stopping at the right time. To be able to not go to far in a painting, is something that I am working on getting better at.

These two orignals are no longer available for purchase but I have new paintings coming up, and if you are curious to see a few from this collection you can browse hear.

If you are curious about any other painting you can always just send me an email at:

I do create commission works.


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